Innovation Smart Start Webinar

Learn how to ask and answer 4 questions that help you launch projects that get better results.

Your next project could be easier, faster and more effective if you play smart at the start. In this webinar, Dr. Dawan Stanford will teach you ways to ask like a designer so your projects succeed more often and your revenue grows.

You're good at starting new projects, but you think you can do better.

Hi. I teach people ways to think and solve like a designer.

With everything changing and moving so fast, it’s hard to do what it takes to organize and launch a project well. With innovation projects, it’s even harder. It’s time you had a way to create better project launches. I will help you in this webinar.

I will teach you four questions that will help ensure your next project launch is smooth and sets you on a path toward generating the outcomes you need.

The webinar is free. Join me and become someone who begins innovation projects with a smart start.

Cheers ~ Dawan

Innovation Smart Start Webinar


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