About Fluid Hive

Dawan Stanford, JD, PhD

My mission is helping people solve problems demanding new ways to get results.

Over 10 years ago, I founded Fluid Hive to apply design-driven innovation to big questions and help people and organizations learn and make the methods and practices their own. My passion is in supporting companies like yours with innovation problems, opportunities and challenges. As Fluid Hive’s President, I’m asking my big question:

How might we build better ways to learn, practice and apply design-driven innovation to generate the outcomes we desire?

My big question shapes my ongoing work at Elon University, where I founded and continue to develop a university-wide design thinking initiative. It fuels my conversations as the host of the Design Thinking 101 Podcast and guides how I teach and create learning experiences as the Design Studio Director at Georgetown University’s Master of Arts in Learning, Design, and Technology.

How might my big question help you find and respond to yours? 

Fluid Hive helps people, organizations and companies to see, solve and act on problems that are complex, dynamic, and interconnected using or See-Solve-Act Framework. See you there!